Year 6 News!

Breakfast club

posted 8 May 2018, 11:57 by Ruth Stevinson

There will be a free of charge breakfast club at 8.15am Monday to Thursday of SATS week.

Homework 17/11/17

posted 16 Nov 2017, 05:54 by Ruth Stevinson

Homework is due Wednesday 22nd November.

  • Maths: Bodmas, fractions and prime numbers practise.  

  • English: Reading comprehension – highlight evidence in your text if you find any!

Homework 26/10/17

posted 25 Oct 2017, 09:42 by Ruth Stevinson

Due after the first Wednesday after the holidays!

Maths- daily practise number sheet
English- write your own short story.

Practise on times tables rockstars and read during the break! Have a great holiday.

Homework 20/10/17

posted 18 Oct 2017, 04:30 by Ruth Stevinson

Homework is due Wednesday 25th October.

  • Maths: Fractions homework. Remember whatever you do to the numerator, you do to the denominator.

    Sometimes you will need to find a common denominator to work with your fractions.

  • English: Reading comprehension

Homework 6/10/17

posted 5 Oct 2017, 05:06 by Ruth Stevinson

Homework is due Wednesday 11th October.

1) Prime numbers homework. A prime number is a number which has only itself and 1 as its factors e.g 5 is a prime number.

2) Reading comprehension. Answers are all in the text. (given out in class)

In addition:

  • Children should still be reading for 20 minutes and talking about the book with an adult.

  • They should be logging onto Times tables Rockstars 3 times a week.

Homework 29/9/17

posted 28 Sep 2017, 06:28 by Ruth Stevinson

1)    English- Write  a description of an animal (like the tiger description in class). Describe the creature but also the habitat which it lives in- to build atmosphere. It can be any animal but choose one you have enough to write about e.g a predator such as a dragon, shark, dinosaur.... Try to use WOW words and parenthesis () - , to really engage your reader and vary your sentence openings.

2)   Maths – Factors and multiples worksheet (below)

Homework 22/9/17

posted 20 Sep 2017, 05:05 by Ruth Stevinson   [ updated 20 Sep 2017, 05:07 ]

Due Weds 27th October
Maths- division
Spag- word choice.

Times tables rockstars
Daily reading.

Times tables Rockstars.

posted 6 Sep 2017, 11:36 by Ruth Stevinson

I am giving the children their logins this week, which means they will be able to practise their times tables at home using the internet. Each week I will schedule a new times table for them to practise to increase their speed and memory of them.

Welcome to year 6!

posted 6 Sep 2017, 11:35 by Ruth Stevinson

Hello and welcome to our new year 6s! This will be out class page which will be updated regularly. Please check back each week to see any new announcements and what we have been up to.

Homework - 19th April

posted 16 Apr 2017, 08:40 by Ruth Stevinson

Homework is due on Monday 24th April

English: Reading comprehension- Special Effects.  Find evidence and explain answers using the text.

Maths – Practise Arithmetic paper. Time yourself for 30 mins. Mark it yourself.  

Optional extra: Complete Mymaths work.  

LOGIN: acton

Password: tangent210

Then your 3 digit login details.

SPAG – Practise your spellings in your Green book which you do not know and revise from your book. Next week I will give you a SPAG practise test to do at home, so try and learn as much as you can this weekend!

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