Year 1 Newsflash

Homework - 23/3/16

posted 23 Mar 2016, 05:05 by Caroline Middleton

I've set 2 tasks on MyMaths and SPAG book pages 9 and 12 for the holidays- thank you Mrs Middleton

10/3/16 Homework

posted 10 Mar 2016, 06:23 by Caroline Middleton

SPAG - English booklet pages 7&8 - Capital letters

DT Afternoon

posted 26 Jan 2016, 01:18 by Caroline Middleton

Parents you are invited to come in and work alongside your child to make their space buggy - Monday 1st February at 1pm

Happy New Year

posted 5 Jan 2016, 08:21 by Caroline Middleton

Welcome back after the holidays. Our topic this half of the Spring Term is 'Walking on the Moon'.

Our new topic after half term will be...

posted 31 Oct 2015, 03:31 by Caroline Middleton

..Out of the Ashes. We will be enjoying finding all about the great historical events of Bonfire Night and The Great Fire of London and the historical figures of Guy Fawkes and Samuel Pepys.

Feeling creative....

posted 8 Oct 2015, 09:29 by Caroline Middleton

This week we have been exploring our new text 'On Sudden Hill'. Birt and Etho use their imagination to create fantastic games out of the boxes they play with. We used the phrase 'It's not a box, it's a....' and came up with some great ideas. Make yours come alive, can you make an ordinary box into something new to play with? Bring it into school - see the added file below

Acton Bear has come to visit....

posted 6 Oct 2015, 06:00 by Caroline Middleton

Acton Bear has come from London to visit us!! He got lost in the village so we had to go and find him. We found him outside St Mary's church with his suitcase! He is enjoying spending time with us and the class is enjoying taking it turns to take him home each night. Class 1 drew some super maps showing the route we took around Acton and where we found Acton Bear.

Well done Year 1...

posted 10 Sep 2015, 10:28 by Caroline Middleton've certainly settled in quickly and adjusting well to the new changes that Year 1 bring. This week we've worked hard reading, writing and ordering numbers and enjoyed getting to know our text 'Peace at Last'. We have also created our Reflection Area where we have learned about how Zaccheus was sorry for the way he acted and made amends. We have been thinking about saying sorry for what we have done and our thoughts of golden leaves to hang on your tree.

Welcome back....

posted 2 Sep 2015, 04:12 by Caroline Middleton

Welcome back, I do hope you have had an enjoyable summer break.
This week we will be settling into our new classroom and routines.
It is lovely to see how much you have all grown over the holidays!

Welcome to the Summer term..

posted 21 Apr 2015, 12:42 by Caroline Middleton

Welcome back to the new term. The weather has certainly been glorious the past few days and we have taken the opportunity to get out and explore the signs of spring. The children have consolidated their learning about the seasons and have been particularly been fascinated how the cherry tree has changed its appearance during autumn, winter and now to spring.

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