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Year 5


Hello and welcome to Year 5.

My name is Mrs Bramwell and I will be teaching Year 5 on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Mrs McKinlay will be teaching on Thursday and Friday. We are both very much looking forward to working with your children and yourselves this year. 

Autumn term 19/20
Our Real Life learning topic this term is Sails, Seas and Scurvy, which has a main focus based on the Tudors, Queen Elizabeth and Tudor exploration. We are very much looking forward to this topic as we will be finding out lots of wonderful facts and information about the past, learning about Tudor portraits as well as taking part in a Tudor day. 


We will also be studying all about Space in Science this term. We will be doing lots of investigations throughout the term, to support us with our understanding. We are looking forward to creating our own solar system too! 

If you would like to volunteer to come and listen to readers in Year 5, please let Mrs McKinlay know. Any help will be very much appreciated. 

Year 5

Additional homework

Can you produce a fact file of planets in the solar system?

Can you create you own 3D solar system? 

can you produce a Tudor newspaper report based on the Spanish Armada?

Perfect presenters 2018-2019

Italy: Language Day

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