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Year 5


Hello and welcome to Year 5.

My name is Mrs Bramwell and I will be teaching Year 5 on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Mrs McKinlay will be teaching on Thursday and Friday. We are both very much looking forward to working with your children and yourselves this year. 

Spring Term 19/20
Our Real Life learning topic this term is Renewable Energy
We will be learning all about how we get energy and how we can produce renewable energy across the UK. We may even get up close to a wind turbine and talk to an engineer!

We are very much looking forward to this topic as we will be finding out lots of information about how to make energy sustainable. 

Properties and changes of materials

We will also be studying all about properties of materials and how we can change the materials using a range of different methods.  We will be exploring through lots of investigations, including making slime! 

Home learning! 
Can you investigate/Research a famous Scientist who created new materials. Research Scientists such as: 
Ruth Benerito- invented wrinkle free cotton.
Spencer Silver- Invented glue for sticky notes
Leo Baekeland - invented the plastic Bakelite
Harry Brearly- invented stainless steel
John McAdam- Invented Tarmac

Bring in your research so we can share with the rest of the class!

If you would like to volunteer to come and listen to readers in Year 5, please let Mrs McKinlay or Mrs Bramwell know. Any help will be very much appreciated. 

Year 5

Additional homework

Can you research renewable energy in the UK?
Can you create a solar powered vehicle?
Can you produce a model of the National Grid?
Can you make a moving wind turbine?

Perfect presenters 2018-2019

Tudor Day Year 5 2019

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