P.E and Sports

Our P.E School Vision:

Exploring physical and mental skills that allow us to compete with enjoyment 

Mr Gibbons

This year the government has continued to provided funding to improve the provision of P.E. Therefore, in partnership with Calveley, Highfields and Weaver, we have hired a P.E specialist. Mr Gibbons works at Acton every Thursday with the year 3,4, 6 and Reception children. 

Mr Gibbons will also organise half termly sports competitions between the four schools

Please see our P.E impact statement below for full details.
Our Principles of P.E Teaching

We know that great P.E takes place in our school when...
  • Children are being active.
  • There are opportunities for the application of skills to games and sport.
  • There are opportunities for a healthy competitive attitude. 
  • Children are comfortable to try new things.
  • There are opportunities for children to develop team and individual performances.

Children receive at least 2 hours of P.E each week. 

Afterschool Clubs

Here at Acton children are able to access a number of sports clubs after school. Sportscape are running the following clubs this half term:
Gymnastics on Monday
Fencing on Tuesday
Handball on Wednesday

We also have a dance club on Fridays after school.

After half term Sportscape will offer Gymnastics on a Monday. Cricket on a Tuesday and Handball on a Wednesday. Dance will continue to run on Fridays.

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