Our Staff

Executive Headteacher: Mrs B. Dolman
Acting Deputy Headteacher: Mrs C.Middleton (Year 3 Teacher, R.E and Collective Worship Subject Leader)

Administration Officer: Mrs L. Curry

Miss R.Holman: Reception Teacher (P.E Subject Leader)
Miss A.Beaven: Year 1 Teacher
Mr N.Brown: Year 2 Teacher (Pupil Premium Leader)
Mr D.Broughton: Year 4 Teacher (Computing Subject Leader)
Miss M.Cross: Year 5 (Humanities Subject Leader)
Miss Stevinson: Year 6 Teacher (Maths Subject Leader)
Mrs J.Gawn: SENCO
Mr J.Gibbons: P.E Specialist Teacher  

Teaching Assistants:
Miss R.Quinn:Teaching Assistant Reception
Mrs A. Youds: Teaching Assistant Year 1
Mrs J.McCarthy: Teaching Assistant Year 2
Miss P.Weston/Miss S.Palin: Teaching Assistant Year 3
Mrs G. Love: Teaching Assistant Year 3/4
Miss J-A. Baker:Teaching Assistant Year 5
Miss L.Smith:Teaching Assistant Year 6
Mrs S.Smart: Teaching Assistant (Art/DT Assistant Subject Leader) PPA
Teaching Year 3 PM - Monday to Thursday

Site Maintenance Officer: Mr M.Ashcroft

Mid Day Assistants 
Mrs L.Edwards: Mid-Day Assistant
Miss J. Carroll : Mid-Day Assistant
Mrs J.Cooper: Mid-Day Assistant
Miss L.Pinnington: Mid Day Assistant