Our English Vision

Igniting a passion for literature and developing writers for the real world.  

Our Principles of English Teaching

We know that great English happens in our school when…

·       Children are writing for real audiences and purposes.

·       Children are motivated to write and strive to achieve their best through editing and redrafting.

·       Children present their ideas in a variety of ways and do so with pride.

·       Children enjoy reading a variety of genres written by a variety of authors.

·       Children complete varied tasks of achievable but challenging difficulty. 


At Key Stage 1, we follow Letters and sounds as our Phonics programme and pupils are grouped for these sessions according to need.


Our Key Stage One Reading Scheme was re-branded in early 2012 in line with Reading Recovery book levels. In order to foster a love of reading and to ensure that children meet a range of text styles, the reading scheme is vast. The school purchased new books for the scheme and class libraries in the Summer Term 2014.

Publishers/schemes include: Oxford Reading Tree, Collins Big Cat, PM Benchmark, Project X and a mix of individually levelled books.

Click on the link below to take you to a copy of our Book Levels document.

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