Help Needed - Andrew's Garden

Calling all Parents we need help! We are trying to develop Andrew's Garden, which is located by the mobile classroom.The Year 6 children have got plans to make the garden more eco and wildlife friendly and want to turn the garden into an area all the children can enjoy. Please have a look if you can help with anything below. I have set aside two time slots on Thursday 26th June for parents to come and help 1.30 -3.15pm and 3.30- 5.00pm. If you help during the after school slot I can arrange to have your child looked after by the after school club free of charge (please let me know by Monday 23rd June so I can ensure there are enough adults to supervise).

We have had a number of hedges dug up that need removing and putting into the skip we have hired - So if you're strong we need you!

We have some old benches that the children want to repaint - do you have the equipment to sand them down ready for the children to paint?

Hedges have left lots of roots in the soil -not to mention weeds. So it needs a good weeding and turning over. 

There are lots of large branches and many trees blocking out the light - Have you got the skills and equipment to help cut these back? 

The greenhouse is a right mess! Can you help clean out and weed? We need to sand down the benches and clean it all up -especially the glass. We also will be replacing the glass panes - when we buy these could you help to fit them?

We have overgrown hedges and some fern trees blocking out the light - Have you got the skills and equipment to cut these back?

These shelves are screwed/bolted to the wall but they are old and rusty. Can you help get them off so they can move to the skip? We want to paint the wall behind it and buy some new shelves and put up hooks on one wall for the tools.