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English Homework

posted 6 Dec 2012, 06:07 by Unknown user   [ updated 6 Dec 2012, 06:21 ]
Think in your head what Tatton Park Old Hall was like.  We are going to use this as a setting for our story we will be writing next week!  Think of how you can make it happy, sad, creepy, mysterious, futuristic, old etc.  I'd like you to draw a picture of the Old Hall whilst trying to make it look a certain way.  It's up to you how you want it to be, it's your story!  E.g. To make it look creepy you could have bats out the chimneys, ghosts in the windows, draw it at night etc.  This will make it a perfect setting for a creepy mystery story!

I've also added a word document with pictures of the Old Hall to jog your memories!
Unknown user,
6 Dec 2012, 06:18