Acton School Radio Station

Welcome to Acton School Radio! This is our school radio station, run for students, by students!

Our talk based radio shows are created by our KS2 children and are based around our 'real world' curriculum.

How our Students Benefit From Our School Radio

Build confidence and self esteem.
Improved speaking and listening skills.
Learn to write creative scripts and copy.
Conduct research into a range of topics.
Work as a team.
Understand the value of communication.

13.01.16 - Acton School Radio - Broadcast 1-Acton Student Studio-On Studio 1.mp3
Daniel Broughton,
16 Jan 2017, 05:09
30.01.17 - Acton School Radio-By Acton Radio team-On Studio 1.mp3
Daniel Broughton,
30 Jan 2017, 05:04
Introduction Programme 19.12.16.mp3
Daniel Broughton,
19 Dec 2016, 06:40
Tuesday 24th January-By Harry, Andrew & Ellis-On Studio 1.mp3
Daniel Broughton,
24 Jan 2017, 05:15