Welcome to Acton Radio!
Red Shift Radio Open Day Visit
As part of our 'real life learning' Acton Radio Team recently visited our local station, Red Shift Radio, to co-host their lunch time broadcast. Listen to the full broadcast by clicking on the player at the top of our page.

We had a fantastic time with Dan, talking about a range of topics including local news, favourite sweets and even helping create the ultimate music playlist!

Coming Soon

Acton Radio Team will be taking part in the 'Junior School Run' at Red Shift Radio. This 4 week experience will provide the children with the opportunity to develop their presenting skills and teach us about the technical and planning elements involved in creating a successful broadcast. 
Keep an eye out for updates on our progress!

What is Acton School Radio?

Our radio station provides pupils with the facilities to create, produce and broadcast their own original content. 
Our radio aims to support our 'Real Life Learning' ethos and provide our children with hands-on experiences. 

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What Skills does Acton Radio help our students to develop?

  • Builds confidence and encourages teamwork.
  • Improves speaking and listening skills.
  • Helps us to understand the value and power of communication.
  • Builds creativity.
  • Research skills are refined and put into practice. 

Community Links

Acton would like to say a huge thank you to....



To develop our Acton Radio, we are working in partnership with Tesni Homes. They are kindly providing sponsorship to allow our Year 5 radio team to partake in the Junior School Run. 
The Junior School Run is a community project lead by Red Shift Radio - our local Nantwich radio station.